Do you know Who You Am?

If you want to thrive and flourish – to be happy – then you must be willing to embrace positive change in your life. I don’t believe this can be accomplished without achieving an understanding of Self. Or, as I like to tell my students: You’ve got to know Who You Am! While this is not proper English, it is memorable – which in this case is more important. Knowing Who You Am is essential to thriving and flourishing. It is also an essential element necessary to develop the resilience to overcome and bounce back from life’s setbacks.

Many years of research and a lifetime of experience have convinced me that our ability to thrive, flourish, and be resilient in the world is actualized through a positive psychology. Positive psychology is much greater than the notion of positive thinking. While positive thinking is a necessary ingredient, it can only take you so far. Positive psychology encourages you to focus on your strengths, and to take your next steps in a positive, growth-oriented direction to actualize your potentials.

And if you want that change to endure, again you must know Who You Am! Learning Who You Am is both challenging and humbling, but well worth the effort.

_All_I Know Who I AM

If you are in Addiction Recovery, help Bob and the Research Team for  the International Quit and Recovery Registry help others.

My Approach: I am an educator. I take great pride in my teaching and embrace the role of technology in disseminating content and facilitating learning.

My Mission is to facilitate individuals – especially those in recovery from addictions -  and groups to thrive and flourish in life.

My Passion is empowering learners, teachers, coaches, counselors, therapists, etc. in these facilitative techniques so they can reach more individuals than I can alone.

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