The 13th Step

Do You Know Who You Am? 

You cannot thrive in recovery from addiction unless you Know Who You Am!

Few books on addiction address maintaining recovery, much less thriving in recovery. The 13th Step utilizes Bob's story—including his 25 years in the NFL— to integrate research from the psychology of addiction recovery with interventions from positive and performance psychology to encourage the positive change necessary to take the 13th Step to thrive in recovery.


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Keynote & Seminar Speaker

Bob is available for Keynotes and seminars. Topics include:

  • Applying Positive Psychology for Addiction Recovery
    • Setting Boundaries
    • Identifying & Overcoming Dysfunction
    • Thriving in Recovery
    • Enhancing Gratitude & Other Positive Emotions
    • Surviving the Dark Night of the Soul
    • Increasing & enhancing Self-Awareness
    • Discover Who You Am!
    • Develop Resilience/Mental Toughness
    • The Forgiveness Conundrum


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Develop The Winner's Mentality

Tired of feeling out of control, overwhelmed, or like you’re just spinning your wheels? Develop The Winner’s Mentality ~ 5 Essential Mental Skills for Enduring Success will enable you not only get out of your rut, but begin to cause your future. This book is a composite of my experience and education in cognitive, behavioral, & performance psychology. It incorporates  the necessity of integrating energetic and emotional components.  Develop The Winner’s Mentality reflects my regeneration from disconsolation to enduring success and abundance. It can be your path to enduring success also.

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Praise for The 13th Step

… As we developed the International Quit & Recovery Registry (IQRR), Bob provided the wise capable voice and perspective that allowed us to understand and be more sensitive to those in recovery. He helped introduce the quit and recovery registry along with myself [Dr. Warren Bickel], and the Director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse, Dr. Nora Volkow.

In this memoir/guide, The 13th Step, we learn of about the important events that Bob experienced and what he has learned in his life to thrive in recovery. …

Excerpted from Foreward in The 13th Step by Dr. Warren Bickel, Director, Addiction Recovery Research Center

Speaking & Facilitating

Bob Reese, PhD, is a popular respected speaker and facilitator. He has presented keynotes, lectures, seminars, and workshops for associations, institutions, and corporations at local, regional, national, and international venues.

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Next Step...

My mission is to facilitate individuals – especially those in recovery from addictions -  and groups to thrive and flourish in life.

My passion is educating learners, teachers, coaches, counselors, therapists, etc. in these facilitative techniques so they can reach more individuals than I can alone.

When you or your organization is ready to take the next step contact Bob: