Bob Reese, PhD talks about

‘Thriving in Recovery’

in Addiction Recovery

Book empowers recovering alcoholics, addicts to thrive in life

NOTE: This Book was formerly entitled "The 13th Step: Thriving in Recovery". The content is the same. 

Press Release:

Few books on addiction address maintaining recovery, much less thriving in recovery. Bob Reese, PhD wanted to share his personal story to better understand how recovering alcoholics and addicts not only maintain recovery but go on to thrive in life. It prompted him to write Thriving in Recovery: Journey to Well-Being. The term 13th Step is inspired by his continued psychospiritual development after joining the 12-Step program of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA).

[NOTE: Attending or Membership in a 12-Step group is not necessary. This book is meant for everyone in recovery and those who want to better understand them.]

The book tells Reese’s story in three parts: The Drinking Years; The Beginnings of a Sober Life; and Thriving in Recovery. It is in large part autobiographical, and includes stories from his 25 years in the NFL. The life experiences that he shares are for the purpose of showing the insidious nature of alcoholism; the challenges faced by those seeking sobriety; the changes and difficulties needed to stay in recovery; and the eventual ability to thrive in recovery.

In the epilogue, Reese describes some of his research with the Addiction Recovery Research Center (ARRC) and International Quit & Recovery Registry (IQRR), which is dedicated to learning from success in addiction recovery. It is his hope that information and understanding obtained from this registry can help more of the “sick and suffering” to recover so that they not only maintain recovery, but they also learn to thrive.

“I want readers who are in recovery to understand that they can do more than survive - they can thrive,” Reese says. “I want those readers who are not in recovery to better understand the courage it takes to maintain recovery and that they can also use some of the same techniques to improve their lives.”

Thriving in Recovery: Journey to Well-Being
By Bob Reese, PhD
Hardcover | 6 x 9in | 446 pages | ISBN 9781524697693
Softcover | 6 x 9in | 446 pages | ISBN 9781524697716
E-Book | 446 pages | ISBN 9781524697709
Available at AuthorHouse Publishing, Amazon and Barnes & Noble

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Video Keynote: International Conference & Expo on Clinical Psychology(25:03) Hyatt Place Amsterdam Airport, Amsterdam Netherlands / October 18-20, 2018


 #1 - Self-Talk (16:09)                                       

#2 - Visualization & Feelazation (21:37)

#3- Positive Emotions (21:01)           

#4 - Signature Strengths for Recovery (26:04)



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